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Package 1Career skills consultation for resume critique, cover letter, interview preparation, job-search tips, career information (via database), network assistance, or other consultation as recommended.


  • Free introductory phone or email discussion to determine needs (15-20 minutes).
  • 60 minute in-person* consultation; additional time can be pro-rated upon request.
  • Action/outline plan with comments based on 1 hour of consultant preparation.

* Online/telephone sessions available as requested

Please note: Further review or prep time beyond above listed may involve added costs (at discounted rate). Advance estimates available following introductory call/email.

Select Package 1: Career Skills Consultation

Instructions will be given to you via email or phone to arrange a session to assist you with the issues you have.


Package 2Career interest assessment consultation for determining career goals, college major, etc.


  • Free introductory phone or e-mail consultation to determine needs (15-20 minutes).
  • Online interest assessment (for one assessment as recommended by consultant).
  • 90 minute in-person* professional review session.
  • Printed booklet of assessment results, reviewer highlights and comments.
  • Follow-up action plan.

* Online/telephone sessions available as requested.

Please note: Further review sessions/time beyond above listed may involve added costs.

Select Package 2: Career Interest Assessment Consultation

An electronic link will be sent to your email with instructions for completing the recommended assessment.


Package 3:  Resume development (comprehensive), when no resume exists, or with professional writing or re-writing/typing of resume is necessary).


  • Free introductory phone or e-mail consultation to determine needs (15-20 minutes).
  • Provision of client outline form (via email) to collect information for content (where necessary), or 60 minute in-person consultation to collect information.
  • Complete type-up of resume, including text and formatting (headings, styling, etc.)
  • Review session of resume draft with client for input, and follow-up with final copy.

Please note: This package is based upon an average of 6 hours of consultant work on resume document after initial free consultation and/or 60 minute in-person consultation. Additional development hours for more complex work may add further costs. Advance estimates available following introductory call/email.

Select Package 3: Comprehensive Resume Development

Services will be outlined with client upon initial discussion.



Select Other Option: Customer-Specific Payment

Individual Invoice

Use this option to make your prearranged payment as per your invoice for services. Before entering your payment, make sure that the amount listed below matches the amount on the invoice sent to you. If not, please contact me.


Cash or check gladly accepted for all services. 

Contact with us is highly recommended prior to making an online payment.

Other packages/services may be arranged, as agreed between client and consultant.   


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