Why it pays to select your college major appropriately and early.

Boy, has life changed!  Not too long ago, college students were advised to explore different types of classes to best determine an affinity for a particular subject as the best way to find a career direction.  That is still good advice–if you can afford to do it.  After all, how many people, high school age or beyond, have taken an anthropology class?  Or an economics course?  For that matter, many have not even had a chance to take a sociology class!

For those with unlimited budgets who are not receiving Pell grants, exploration is a great thing to do.  Not only does it make you well-rounded as an individual, it allows you to see what subjects you like.  However, due to the cost of college costs, plus the restrictions of grant monies, students are forced to make a choice of a career path during their first semester or two of taking classes.  That’s pressure if you’ve never done career exploration, or if you have no idea what activities or topics fall in your top 5 (these are most important to a happy career direction and future) of all possible interests. (Psst…the majority of young people don’t know this either, as a matter of fact, which is unfortunate.)

Why not get help to clarify this?  ETC can help you, and you will find it pays off many times over as you proceed through school and launch a career.  Not only will you save time in school, but you are less likely to waste money on choices you later decide to change. ETC will not tell you what to be or do, of course.  (I approach this very carefully, I assure you. I am not here to tell you what you must do, nor do I have any vested interest in what career you choose.)

ETC has a great interest assessment tool available in the Strong Interest Inventory.  We can get you started today!  Let ETC lend you a helping hand.  See how to “Get Started” on our tabs at the top of the page.

Yours,  Joanne D.

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