The Workplace As We Knew it is Dead. Say Hello to the Gig Economy.

This message needs to be shouted loud and clear. As Dr. Chaz Austin discusses in the video below, the workplace that most of us grew up believing in–the one where we were hired on by an employer for an indefinite term (maybe even for decades until retirement), where we were paid for 40-some hours per week, where health insurance and benefits were provided, and one where the company groomed us and (hopefully) upwardly promoted us (thus, helping to “manage” our career), is dead. Or, even in the best cases, it is on life-support.

In the new world of work, we will ALL be self-employed! We may go to college and earn a degree in a particular line of work, but that is no longer the “ticket” to becoming employed as a teacher, a biologist, a financial analyst, etc. At any time we can become down-sized, out-sized, or expendable, because companies no longer feel indebted to us for our service. Loyalties are to shareholders, not workers.

We must all learn the ability to market our skills for contracting for “work”. We must learn how to cobble together short term work assignments to put together a career for ourselves. In other words, we must learn to SELL our skills, and be able to advertise and show our “brand” to the world.

In the following video, Dr. Austin helps us understand the why’s and how’s of self-promotion. Recommended viewing here!

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