A Nifty Tool for Job Seekers

I stumbled upon this tool (link at bottom) from an article on the Muse website.  It provides a very helpful spreadsheet template for job seekers who want to organize and keep track of information about their job search: Who/what company they contacted, when contact was made, what documents were submitted (e.g., resume, college transcript, etc.), and what follow-up is needed.  I am attaching below a link to the original article, plus a link to the actual spreadsheet, which I have added to this ETC website under “Resources & Links” for future reference.  Thank you, James Mayr, who authored this for The Muse.

Original Muse article with helpful instructions about the spreadsheet:

Here is the link to the actual tracking sheet as an Excel document:

My Job Search Tracker

(an organizing & tracking spreadsheet for the job search process)


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