Just for Students/Parents

Students preparing for a career or a job search after graduation face issues that may be different from a mature, experienced job seeker. This page contains links to resources that may be of special interest to students and their parents.

ºLeveraging College Resources to Maximize Career Success 

Author Jeffrey Salingo (There is Life After College) talks to students and parents about students’ “failure to launch” after college and discusses important strategies to use while in college to assist with career success upon graduation.

ºFaculty Reference Letter Template

Asking a favorite college professor or lecturer for a letter of reference is one of the most important things one can do to boost career opportunities both in the short term or long term. Employers usually hold such references in very high regard.  Get these reference letters BEFORE you graduate and save them! These can help to open future doors in the workplace.  

ºStudy Abroad/Internships Overseas

This Going Global Facebook page offers information about navigating foreign countries and understanding cultural differences when seeking study abroad opportunities or internships around the world. For help with possible placements overseas through this company, see your college’s career center.

ºDisney College Program

This time-tested program allows students to work in a Disney theme park for a semester in a paid job related to their college major. Students can apply directly through the Disney website. This can be a great hands-on training and resume building opportunity for students majoring in hospitality, hotel/restaurant management, business, communications, arts and theater, and many other majors. Some colleges offer college credit opportunities for these internships as well; see your college career center about credit possibilities. 



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